Public Services

Electronic Recycling

Have old electronics?

Electronic Recycling

If you have electronics that you don’t know what to do with, bring them to us! We’ll make sure they find a useful home. If it’s a computer that we can fix, it will be given to a student or family in need!

Renewable Energies

Looking for clean energy?

Renewable Energies

Are you looking to get away from your high energy bills? Give us a call and let us show you the way. We’ll work with you to find a solar or turbine solution that matches your needs!

Technology Lessons

Free technology classes!

Technology Lessons

Our classes will either explain how a technology works, teach how it can be used, or how to preserve its integrity (security). You may be eligible for this service if you are a group, club, society, association, or organization.

Professional Services

Sorry, Unity Tech doesn’t offer professional services. However, we do offer FREE Technology Consultations!

One of our Gold Sponsors is UnityIT, an Information Technology Managed Services Provider, which pledges 30% of their service generated revenue to our organization.

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